Commission Jailbreak

Ken KennedyDoes Commission Jailbreak really deliver the kind of results that it claims?

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Hi, my name is Ken Kennedy, and I have spent the last 3 years trying out all different kinds of systems for earning affiliate commissions. Some of the products I’ve tried have worked really well, and some… well… haven’t.

Commission JailbreakMany of the courses that I’ve gone through over the past few years have failed to deliver the kind of commissions that the sales videos claim. In fact, we all know that most of these sales videos (even the ones for really good products) don’t really make you a millionaire overnight. There are, however, some products out there that I’ve tried that have legitimately helped me add a few extra thousand dollars to my monthly income.

A couple of months ago I was able to get early access to the Commission Jailbreak course, and I was actually quite surprised with the results I got. Since I actually did have a bit of success, I decided to write a review of the product to help others decide if this is something that could help them.

So here goes…

Commission Jailbreak Review

Commission Jailbreak Review

Commission Jailbreak is, yet another, course that teaches newbie affiliates how to make money with YouTube. This has been a growing trend over the past few years, because… well… you actually can make money with YouTube.

I’ve gone through many courses that teach beginner marketers how to capitalize on the traffic from YouTube to earn affiliate commissions. Needless to say, I figured that this was going to be “more of the same”… and that’s exactly why I’m writing this right now!

This is actually a pretty unique course, because the core of the product is a powerful system that let’s you literally turn YouTube into a longterm autopilot income stream.

It’s a YouTube video page creator that allows users to “piggyback” on the success of YouTube videos that are already getting a lot of traffic. The Commission Jailbreak backend system shoots your videos straight to the top of Google and YouTube, funneling targeted traffic directly to your affiliate offers. All of this targeted traffic converts extremely well, and allows you to quickly earn payouts like these…

CommissionsFor years, I struggled to earn a living online. I tried product after product, and I have to say… most are complete garbage. Commission Jailbreak is NOT one of them. Trust me when I tell you that this is 100% legit. I’m not promising that you’re going to start making a thousand dollars a day right away, but I can tell you that I have no doubt that you will see results if you follow the instructions in the course and really put the system into action.

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